Writer #3

Last but not least...

Hi. I'm Cass. I'm the third writer on ITGIRL Community. I am also writing under a pseudonym, but this might not come as a surprise to you.

I'm gonna keep this short, cause this really doesn't matter.

I have strong opinions. And sometimes, words like "hate" or "tramp" or "fuck" or "whore" might slip out, but hey, that's what makes it interesting, right? And I am sorry if I might put your favorite celebrity's name in the same sentence as the word slut, but forgive me. It's usually just in the heat of the moment.

I will be in charge of the criticizing, the slamming, the harsh words and the non-mercy. Can I say that without sounding really bitchy? Perhaps not. Maybe I'm a bitch, but it doesn't mean I will sign my posts with 
"Kisses. Bitch."

No, I'm just really skeptical. And I don't slam anyone for no reason. I just don't. I'm not some ignorant moron. But sometimes people do things that piss me off, and that's what I will right about.

I will also be responsible for the weekly Hot and Cold-list, posted on every sunday or monday, deciding the hot happenings/people of the previous week, and the cold happenings/people that make me barf. 
The Hot and Cold-list will definitely be better, the more people contribute to it. At the end of the week, you can suggest what will be on it. Well, in the end, I make the decision on what will be on it. But you probably should give me a couple of tips, I am only one woman. 

I hope you will find my posts entertaining. Maybe you'll laugh, maybe you'll end up offended. Either way - criticizing is fun.

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