Amanda Bynes Officially a RAPPER!

Many have been questioning the enigma that is The New Slightly Different Kind Of Creepy Amanda Bynes.
She has made chin drops all over the world with the help of strange tweets, eccentric outfits and the fact that she puts her entire life for the public to see - even the most private things!

And I've always thought -- hey, this can't be the real deal. Either someone hacked her Twitter or she's up to some social project comparing people's opinions in the matter of child stars-gone-wrong.

But her latest escapade is telling me that the-27-year-old actually has made a complete 360 when it comes to her career - She has reportedly signed a record deal with hip hop-record label Chinga Chang Records. This means her "biggest dream" as she herself put it, is coming true. Amanda Bynes is actually a certified rapper.

I seriously think this whole Amanda Bynes-scandal is really really sad. Amanda was one of those actresses who could make me laugh simply by making a facial expression, I mean She's The Man was my all-time-favorite-childhood-movie. Now, I will never be able to watch it again without thinking about how her career went right down-hill.

And it's not just that she's plain weird nowadays, but she's bullying fellow celebrities on Twitter, calling everyone from Drake to Rihanna, to Miley Cyrus ugly, and later deleting her tweets and replacing them with 140-characters-long apologizes and random compliments, totally contradicting her earlier insults. Like wtf? My head is spinning.

Anyway, I can't say I'm all repulsed by Amanda Bynes's record deal, I really, really, really want to hear her spit a verse. Ya know brah (Every She's The Man-fanatic will remember this line)

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