This summer the stars of Hollywood is definitely throwing cute A-line skirts aside along with flats, sweet blouses and anything that might be perceived as "cute". Lately we've been seeing a lot tougher looks on the red carpet, but also when our favorite celebs are running around on the streets - even in 6" heels.

Check out this small slideshow to see what we're talking about, and tell us how you feel about the June outfits of Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Rita Ora, Naya Rivera and Taylor Swift:

Fashion Trends of Summer 2013

Now, we can see that the it girls are preferring to keep it sexy on the red carpet, I mean, even Taylor Swift is switching up for a rockier style with a more bad-girl hairstyle. On Rihanna, Miley and Rita, we see big t-shirts, loose boyfriend jeans, snapbacks and they have all thrown their platform heels out their closets to make room for easier, classier, yet more rocknroll high heels.

We don't see a lot of color, as the girls are favoring black and white, and the prints we see are hip hop-inspired, for ex. we see 20-year old Miley sporting a t-shirt featuring Tupac! We like it!

Appearantly, leather is key also, and we see Rihanna rocking a short leather skirt that is very popular right now, seen on it girls like Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Anna Sophia Robb, Kerry Washington, Ashley Tisdale, Nicole Richie and Lauren Conrad. And I mean, if Lauren Conrad is approving the leather skirt, we can definitely trust it's a hot item (literally) to own this summer!

Although, the fashion trends haven't gotten only good critique, and most naysayers claim that the rocknroll look is inspired by Illuminati, a concept basing itself on Satan (jeez) that is said to rule today's society.

Well, Satan or not, we still love this trend and hope it sticks around long enough for me to be able to get my hands on one of those leather skirts! Combine it with a softer, prettier t-shirt and low heels, and you've got yourself the it-look of the summer!

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