Writer #2

Hello, my name is Carmen. At least on this blog it is. Like Crystal, I will be writing under another name, it keeps the... mystery going, as mysterious as it gets writing abouts celebs. It feels more free, easier. Plus, it sounds kinda cool with our names beginning with C's. Doesn't it?

I love writing, stories, poems, articles, everything that has to do with creativity. And as the ITGIRL Community is divided up into different parts, you will see my signature under posts involving fashion, beauty and anything that inspires young people for the better. I'm interested in the interests of our generations, what we're attracted to and what we stay away from. And as the major part of our fascination with celebrities includes beauty and looks, that's what I will focus on. Hopefully, my posts will entertain you! Anyone who is interested in fashion, beauty and self image, should check my posts on a regular basis. I will make it as inspirational as possible.

Join the ITGIRL Community and share your opinions of what the next topic should be.
Don't deny you love your share of gossip!

Kisses. Carmen

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  1. What do you mean when you say "Join the ITGIRL Community?" cause I love the idea/posts n I get a kick out of this too! lol