New It-BABY on the block

Sigh, I've been stressing out trying to change the appearance of the IGC for too long, and all of a sudden I realize... Who cares? This is not some kind of gossip blog beauty pageant, so why act like it? Let's give the looks a rest and focus on the inside, the beauty within... The juicy details.

And it's not difficult to find the hottest topic in the world right now (the hottest topic when it comes to our yummy celebs of course, we don't want to sound too arrogant) and don't you tell me anyone can deny that the center of attention in the hills of Hollywood today, is little baby Kimye.

Well no, we can put that alias aside now. The little bundle of joy is indeed given a name, and all the
K-name-fanatics can go sit down, cause the Kimye couple are a few steps ahead of you. But I'm sure you've all already heard. It's little baby girl
North West.

North West. Yep. That's it. Now, I have to admit, even though adoring Kanye and having no problems with Kim (I actually think she's an amazing woman) even typing it out, North West, I can't imagine a little quarter of Armenian baby resting in the arms of Kim and Kanye. If anything's popping up, it would be a compass. North West, usually a direction for boy scouts, sorry, it will have to step aside, it's the baby's time to shine!

OK, I get it. I totally get it. This is Kanye's idea. Don't tell me it's not Kanye's idea, cause it's Kanye's idea. Don't you just have that feeling, I mean, the man named his album Yeezus. Surely he thinks high of himself, and a man with a nickname somewhat close to the name of the son of God, simply cannot name his child anything that doesn't make people's chins drop. That's the truth of it all. Now, there were rumors that the baby would be named Kaidence Donda West, and I gotta be honest, it is cuter and rolls of the tongue better than North West! But I have to admit, I'm not too hot for the K-names and I had been hoping it would end with Kylie. But still. I have this feeling that Kim is just nodding along with Kanye's obsession with the extraordinary. Supposedly, Kim had got a word in, and the couple will be calling the baby Nori. Now. That's what I call cute.

Congratulations to the happy couple. I'm sure you will be absolutely great with baby South.. West? No, West West? That can't be right. East... North! Oh that's right, baby North. Enjoy this precious time with baby North, soon she will be old enough to run and change her name to Shannon, Jennifer or Mary. I'm hoping for Mary, personally. 

UPDATE: Appearantly, the baby's name is supposed to be inspirational, North = UP. Going up, going higher, aiming high. Hmm. Yeah, okay, I see it. It's a high fashion name. I still hope the couple will be sticking to calling her Nori.

Kisses. Crystal

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