BRANGELINA Are Having 2 more Babies!?

Brad Pitt and Angelina are baby people. They just are. They must have some obsessive fascination with raising children to be exactly how they want them to be - maybe they're creating an army, maybe they're being black-mailed to raise one child from every country of the world, or maybe they're just loving the life as doting parents. Well it's gotta be something, cause the celeb couple is planning on adding two more babies to their existing family of 8.

Appearantly, Brangelina are planning on adopting a syrian cutie baby from a Jordanian refugee camp, as Angelina reportedly is "distraught over the on-going situation in Syria". But it doesn't stop there, the couple also wants one more biological child.

The couple is living by the motto "once you have a lot of kids - a couple more won't matter" and they see adoption as an excellent way to to create new lives for orphans, giving them a chance for a better (much, much better) life. Yeah, I can't argue with that.

Now they've said they want 2 more children, but once they're settled in the family, I'm sure the couple will try and make a few more babies. Not that I blame them, they're both gorgeous and sexy, and they're making the  world a better place by giving life to even more gorgeous people. Go Brangelina!
The gorgeous family, including mr Daddy and mrs Mommy, three adoptive children and three biological.

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