Wait... Snooki is... Hot?

Not only is she a mother soon celebrating little Lorenzo's 1st birthday, but the Jersey Shore-princess Snooki, or Nicole Polizzi, is working hard to wash off her alcoholic guidette-stamp. Literally. We can barely recognize her. Instead of being known for drinking before noon or getting punched by some random asshole at a suspicious bar, the former Jersey Shore-star is becoming something of a fitness inspiration.

Snooki gained over 40 lbs during her pregnancy, but this hasn't stopped her from being motivated. According to the 4'9 petite beauty, she sticks to a 1300 calorie diet and works out 4 days a week. And all of you who follow Snooki on Instagram, can confirm that the 25-year old does indeed work out extremely hard. So there you go guys; there is no special pill, no magic formula. Eat clean and work out hard - that's how you lose those unwanted pounds!

I applaud Snooki! People seem to have something against her - me myself, I've always appreciated funny, honest and straight forward women like her. You can see loads of comments on her Instagram posts, people telling her that she's getting too skinny and that's she's a slut. Yawn. Don't they understand that Snooki has her best interest in mind? She's getting stronger by the minute. Now that's tunnel vision!

The flame-haired social butterfly is flipping tires almost as big as herself. Now that's what I call impressive! 
Workout with a partner to keep yourself motivated! Here you see Snooki's fiancé Jionni LaValle lifting weights - but they might not be very heavy if Snooki keeps the good work up.

Note: We don't advice anyone to stick to the same diet or workout routine as Snooki. Her diet and workout regime are personally customized to her by professionals. Consult your own personal trainer to find out which way to lose weight works best for you.

Kisses. Carmen

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