Chris Brown and Karrueche BACK TOGETHER

Chris Brown moves back in with Karrueche - is Rihanna is officially deleted from his life?

It hasn't been long since we all raised our eyebrows at the Rihanna ft. Chris Brown single Nobody's Business, or since we saw them cuddled up next to each other at the Grammy's.
"She's back with him?" We asked, cause it seemed like the scandal of 2009 - Chris Brown abuses Rihanna, was just yesterday. And I'm sure Chrianna were aware of the controversy, even though they made it clear it was nobody's business, but Rihanna's and her baby's.

But the on-again-off-again-romance is officially off, as Chris Brown goes back to his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, the woman who had to step aside for Rihanna and Chris Brown to rekindle their flame.
But now, it's the other way around. TMZ reports that 25-year old Karrueche is moving back to Chris's place in Hollywood Hills. Appearantly, Rihanna has a special remedy for getting over her ex - partying. Which is not very surprising to anyone who has seen her Instagram photos. Well well. Who hasn't gone a bit over the edge when it comes to moving on from an important relationship? Me myself, I'm kind of hoping for Rihanna and Matt Kemp to get back together... Even though I'm pretty sure it will never happen.

Chris and Karrueche's relationship hasn't been confirmed, but I can't imagine that nothing's going on in the Brown mansion now that a beautiful ex-girlfriend has officially moved in. Call me crazy.
And I've been wondering if Chris's latest hit song (no pun intended) Fine China had anything to do with Karrueche's asian heritage, as she is half vietnamese.

Are you happy for Chris and Karrueche? Or were you rooting for Chrianna? My opinion? I'm pretty sure Chrarrueche (not the prettiest celeb couple name I've heard of) is for the best.
Chris and Karrueche looking cute in Dubai before Chris and Rihanna reunited earlier this year.
And Chrianna back together at the Grammy's cuddled up, happy, and reportedly stoned (?)
but still cute though. 

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