HOT AND COLD LIST #1 - Week 25

Presenting HOT AND COLD LIST #1 - Week 25

#1. The Justin Bieber Instagram Spam. Justin likes Instagram. We all know it. He likes it even more with the new video feature. You who have updated the popular app are probably aware of the fact that you can upload videos up to 15 seconds long, an oppertunity Justin definitely has seized. The Canadian pop-prince is uploading to his Instagram account lik never before. Now you don't have to just see photos of Justin's sexy face, but you can actually get updates of his rock star-life directly from your phone in video form! Hot!
#2. Paula Deen DUMPED on her ass by QVC. No, I didn't put Paula on the HOT-list. I put the fact that she's fired, on the HOT-list. The network will not renew their contract with the butter fanatic, following her racial slur scandal. Deen has admitted to have used the n-word, and made positive remarks about the african-american slaves, wanting african-americans to pose as slaves on a wedding she'd be organizing. She later apologized by saying:  "I want people to understand that my family and I are not the kind of people that the press say that we are. I've spent the best of 24 years to help myself and others. Your color of skin, your religion, your sexual preference does not matter to me,"  Meh, I'm not buying it. Not any kind of racial slurs are ok by me. And readers, do me a favor, don't cut her any slack just because she's old and from the south. She's had plenty of time in her life to come to terms with the fact that those opinions belong a couple of centuries back. This is the 21st century, Paula. Get real.

#1. The Kimye Bashing. Ok people, I'm putting my foot down. New parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have had their share of bullying, they've been called names like whore, asshole, douchebag, slut etc. You know the drill. Kimye is a target for internet trolls. But for what reason? I've never understood the Kim K-hatred, and if people use her sex tape (10 year old sex tape, might I add. 10 year old. Move on) as a reason, they are simply frigid conservative morons with sticks up their asses. And I understand why people thought Kanye was a jerk when he interrupted Taylor Swift 4 years ago, but come on. Taylor doesn't give a fuck anymore, why should you? And to bully and bash their little baby? Wishing her premature birth would be fatal? Wishing Kim would have a miscarriage? That's just evil. Kimye haters can take a seat.
#2. Farrah Abraham. I was never a fan of Farrah on Teen Mom. She was whiny, cranky and she's without doubt mind-numbingly stupid (google Farrah Abraham Kourtney Kardashian Twitter Fight and you'll get it) And this wannabe-pornstar image does NOT fit her. Her sex tape, her topless photo shoots, her plastic surgery and her stories about rubbing her pearl to her own video of James Deen pounding her (yikes) makes me so nauseous about even giving her the attention on this list! And what about poor little Sophia? Farrah, you're no sex icon. It's better for everyone's sake if you move back to Council Bluffs and start taking care of your baby girl. 

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