Rihanna's consistent wake and bake-sessions....

Smoking weed.  4/20. Puffing away. Light a fat one. Let's face it, smoking pot is the new it-thing to do.
It's not heavy enough to be as taboo as say, using heroine or crystal meth, yet is it cool enough to make you get called a bad bitch (a compliment) for doing it. An it girl who has experienced praising for lighting one up, is Rihanna. The bajan superstar is extremely open about smoking weed, as she talks about it in magazines, interviews, and publish several (read: a shitload) of photos on Instagram, proving that she does, indeed, enjoy her pot.

And, I apologize, but I've never really understood the hype. And nowadays, it seems more common to be a 4/20-fanatic, than to be someone who doesn't really get it. To be like me. And I guess I'm stiff, boring or whatever, but weed is still a drug to me. Addictive, destructive. That's the way I was raised. And I guess I'm wrong! I mean, all the cool kids are doing it! Rihanna, Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and about every rapper on the hot-list today. So what's the harm? You get high, you laugh a little more, you can relax and just enjoy life.

Sorry. I still don't get it. Hey, I'm not judging. I'm willing to learn. Can someone please help me understand the pot-hype?
Rihanna in ELLE Magazine, 2013 April Issue. In the interview, she explained how she's completely open about what she posts on Instagram - including smoking weed.
Rihanna smoking with her father - according to Rihanna's followers, completely normal in the Caribbean, including Barbados where the gorgeous 25-year old is born and raised.
Rihanna with a big ass splif, also from her Instagram
Rihanna's... cute birthday cake.

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