What's Your Favorite Rihanna Era?

From Rihanna's Instagram

Just yesterday Rihanna semeed to be reminiscing about a time approximately 4 years ago, or
the Rated R Era. The "era", which is also the name of RiRi's fourth studio album, was the hashtag the 25-year-old singer put in the description of in a total of 23 (!!!) photos on her Instagram.

The photos were all of the Bajan Beauty herself, 4 years ago, you know, when she had just started her rebellious period (which never seems to come to an end, by the way) when she had that golden mohawk and started getting her fabulous tattoos.

Although the photos were very sexy and beautiful, followers (even from Rihanna's own fan-base Rihanna Navy) commented for ex. "If I wanted to see this many photos of Rihanna in a row, I would google her!"

Maybe Rihanna wishes she could rewind a couple of years.

The beauty has gone through a lot of different "eras". Which one is your favorite?

What's your favorite Rihanna era?
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Personally, I'm a fan of the Loud-era. Both the album and the flame-haired-look!

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