The awkward, first attempt at something somewhat entertaining

So I go by the name Crystal De Silva. It was something I put together in two seconds, with ideas influenced by childhood friends and people I've seen on TV. I don't know why I felt the need to create a pseudonym for me, or why my co-writers did as well, it just felt fun. Kind of in a gossip girl-way, but let's not jump the gun yet. We may not be super secretive insiders of a high-end community in the creme de la creme of New York, and we may not have sultry voices and sexy signatures ak.a Xoxo, but we have somewhat of a gift in writing. A gift called interest. We take interest in observing, analyzing and wondering, and especially when it comes to the lives of the rich and famous. Why, we couldn't say. I guess it's just one of those fascinations people of previous generations just don't get, the kind of fascination they shake their head at and whisper quietly but noticeable; "Kids these days" Well well. Be that as it may, we just get a kick out of this. And we know you do too. So why not share our fascination with you? My advice to you is to check in on a regular basis, just casually slide by to check out what we've decided to highlight next. It will probably give you much satisfaction, and maybe more insight than you thought you'd have. I don't know. I'm sensing that you will.

And feel free to drop a comment on what we should report on next. The more eyes we have, the juicier our updates will be.

Hopefully, you will join the IT GIRL Community. You are very, very welcome.

Kisses. Crystal and the IGC. Team.

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