Charlie Sheen - Time to take a step back

Charlie Sheen. You're gonna be a grandpa. I think it's safe to say your career is going in a downwards spiral anyway, so how about you pack up and leave with your dignity still (somewhat) intact. Take this oppertunity to move somewhere in southern Europe, maybe an apartment along the beach in Spain, where you can sit on your balcony, sipping on red whine while a new Spanish girlfriend, probably 20 years your junior, packs up and gets ready to leave, cause let's face it, now that you're retired, you're not in it for the long-run when it comes to the ladies. And you sit there, enjoying the heat of the siesta sun, legs crossed like always, wearing some kind of straw hat that you think will save you from paparazzos (that don't give you a minute of the day, cause you just moved into the apartment next to Kate Upton, cause you're wondering if it's time to make a move on the blonde beauty one of these days. Unfortunately, this back-fired, and your super-celeb neighbour has come to steal your spotlight, and let's face it, she would never sleep with you)
In the process of moving to Spain you have given younger, more vibrant, more talented actors the chance to make $2,000,000 per episode in tv-shows that are only in the tabloids cause of the fuzz you're making with your co-workers. Maybe someone who actually has a smidgeon of self respect will take your place, and become praised by journalists over the world, and therefore living their dream, which they deserve after expensive educations at acting school, actually trying to be the best actor they can be. And you mr Sheen, you spend your time sipping mojitos at the beach, looking at sexy young women in bikinis who are wondering who the hell that creepy man in the straw hat who is watching them is. Charlie. Do we have a deal?

Seriously. After the Farrah Abraham texting, the Selma Blair feud and the nasty-tough-guy-act, don't you guys feel like it's Sheens turn to check out of Hollywood? Well I'm tired of seeing his worn out face,
I think it's time to grow the fuck up little tiny-baby-man and realize you gross most people out.
Anyone else tired of this b-list actor? What's your opinion on his latest scandals?
I tried to envision how Sheen would look with the desired straw hat... It just took 20 years off, didn't it?!

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