FIRST (revealing) PHOTOS of Justin Bieber's new GIRLFRIEND

Justin Bieber's music career has had to step aside for his scandalous personal life to blossom and yet another rumor has hit the gossip sites! This time, it doesn't involve Selena Gomez (well, not exactly) but it does have another girl to do with it!

22-year old Jordan Ozuna, that is. The couple were on a date in Las Vegas when she was caught sitting on Justin's lap (you go girl!) while JB expressed his love for the Hooters waitress and they seemed very... attracted to each other.
Justin “was occasionally putting his hands around her waist, [giving her] a couple quick kisses” as they put on their helmets, a witness says. “He was definitely into her, and she was into him, as I could tell,” adds the insider.

Well, I can't blame either one of them.
Now, I've never really been really interested or into the on-and-off-again-romance that is Jelena, but this might end that chapter for good.

Appearantly, the young beauty is raised in Guam and Hawaii and has been married before! (according to TheDirty.com)

Here are a few photos of Justin's new girl (she does like to take photos of herself that girl!)
What do you think, is this a publicity stunt or the beginning of... Jortin?

Wow, boob alert? I'm sorry, but I saw tits on every photo there was of this girl but hey, that never hurt anyone right? You gotta admit she's cute though!

During their date, the Canadian pop prince was seen cuddled up next to - the now blonde - Jordan. Juicy!

UPDATE: Jordan's still married! According to her mother-in-law. If this is true, she is actually having an affair with Justin Bieber. Jeez, I'm wondering if the other guy thinks he still stands a chance...

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