I've been torturing myself googling Harry Styles. Just looking at his face, it makes me squirm. I can't explain this attraction, I mean he's so young, but my God... Those eyes, that smile... That hair, those tattoos. I mean, the boys in One Direction are all hot pieces of man candy but Harry... It was like he was born to be a star.

I've had a thing for Harry from the start - back in 2010 when he was a 16-year old lad auditioning for X Factor; he was cute back then but now he's a sexy beast and I want to ride him. Sorry. Just being real.

The latest I've seen of him is from The Bert Show, when he looked tan, fit and mind-numbingly smoking hot.
This post is highly neccessary cause it makes it clear that Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction for that matter are sexy motherfuckers in our eyes, and therefore we will never speak about them in a bad way. It also make it clear that any woman who is romantically involved with Harry will probably be ridiculed (at least by me) Sorry, I'm funny like that. 
OK, here he has crazy eyes, but on the other hand, he has sex hair, and that beats anything.
This might be not be of photoshoot-quality, but I needed you to see the progress 19-year old Harry has made on his arms. My word, I need him in my bed asap.
One Direction and some stupid blonde. Again, I wanted to show off his arms. 
The cutest photo of Harry known to mankind... Dressed down, sporting an Ed Sheeran hoodie and flashing that amazing smile we've all come to love. You can't deny that face. Goodness gracious.

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